Legolas on ethnomusicology and aesthetic meaning

“[Aragorn] began to chant softly softly in a slow tongue unknown to the Elf and Dwarf; yet they listened, for there was a strong music in it.

‘That, I guess, is the language of the Rohirrim,’ said Legolas; ‘for it is like to this land itself; rich and rolling in part, and else hard and stern as the mountains. But I cannot guess what it means, save that it is laden with the sadness of Mortal Men.'”

(Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, Book Three, VI. The King of the Golden Hall)

Once upon a weblog…


Well, here’s a blog.

I’m starting this site as a way for me to keep up a regular writing habit, and to provide you with information and updates on my composition and performance endeavors. Shameless, I know. But, perhaps some small spark of thought from my humble head will kindle a flame of insight in yours. Or perhaps you’ll do that for me. Maybe you’ll even hear some music you like (but no promises there).

See you in the blogosphere!

(By the way, the photo is from a faculty recital at Csehy Summer School of Music, July 2011, with Dr. Sam Hsu at the piano, joining me in a Kreisler transcription, I think.)